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Reach the poor directly by buying stuff created by under-privileged people, NGO members and volunteers or donated by Volunteers.

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Donate directly via wire transfer to our SBI account using the details below:

Account Name :
Account No :
Bank Name: State Bank of India Bank
Bank Address: Ranikhet, District- Almora (Uttrakhand) – 263 645 (if required)
Swift Code : ————–
If you prefer, you can make your donation over the phone, or by mail. Please Contact Us


We need the support of empathetic, public spirited individuals/ institutions to sustain our current activities and to expand the scope of our dreams. You can provide your time, commitment other professional skills to strengthen our work and further enrich it.

Contact Us to volunteer for our Programmes.


You can sponsor many life changing gifts for NIVISHA Foundation beneficiaries from the Wishlist (Download) or from our Programmes. Please take a look and see if there is anything for which you can help.

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Publicity and Promotions

Promote NIVISHA Foundation. Help us in arranging exhibition and fair in your offices, schools, college, society…etc. Share the individual or group names and e-mail addresses of your friends who would like to support us in selling our products and services. 

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Getting information

If you wish to receive information about NIVISHA Foundation. Please feel free to Contact Us.

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