With the vision to bring about a change in the lives of underprivileged women, children and their families, NIVISHA Foundation has developed various programmes.



Through this program, we offer food to the poor, needy and hungry for free. Securing healthy meal is an everyday struggle for a homeless and poor people. Our volunteers try to identify individuals and communities who are deprived of this basic necessity of life. They look for homeless people, as well as people living in slums, on roads and streets, who are underprivileged of this basic need. We hear their desperate cries and take swift action by providing good and hygienic food which brings positive and lasting change to these communities.

Below are the various activities conducted under Annapurti programme.

  •  Meal Distribution: We supply meals to homeless, poor and hungry people leaving on streets.
  •  Feed the Kids: We provide food items to kids which they cannot effort in their normal life. Healthy food items like juices, fruits, biscuits, syrups, eggs, milk, yogurt, paneer …etc. This along with the nutritional benefits give feel good feeling to kids.
  •  Cooking raw material support: We offer raw material like rice, wheat, pulses, flour, spices…etc to poor people for their daily needs.

You can join Annapurti Programme for any of the initiatives below

  • Sponsor a meal for underprivileged group.
  • Sponsor raw materials for cooking to a family
  • Volunteer to distribute food


Shikshika: It’s an Education programme which provides basic and moral education to underprivileged children and women eventually facilitating with the belief that whatever issues you are handling related to empowerment, unemployment, human rights, poverty…etc.., there’s no better place to start than in the corridors of education.

Below are the various activities conducted under Shikshika programme.

  • Academic Support Classes: This class focuses on concept clearance for subjects like Maths, Science and Language. Here our volunteers conduct 1 to 2 hour session to clear the basic concepts of different subjects which enable children to attain grade-specific competency levels.
  •  Adult Women Education: This focus on providing basic education to adult and aged women, who somehow have failed to receive the elementary education during their childhood. This kind of education helps them understand their basic rights and become independent.
  •  Stationary Support: This takes care of providing different educational material to a girl child. The material support includes things like uniforms, school bags, shoes, socks, stationary, books…etc. The material kit is ceremoniously handed over to each child at the beginning of the academic year.
  •  Readmission Support: Our volunteer’s provide counseling to parents to ensure that their girl child takes readmission in school. These girls have been dropped out at an early age to economically support their families. Our volunteers interact regularly with the parents and the community to ensure that they continue their education after readmission, which involves even educating the families and the communities.

You can join Shikshika Programme for any of the initiatives below

  • Volunteer for conducting academic classes for kids
  • Volunteer for conducting basic education classes for women
  • Sponsor a Girl child education
  • Sponsor Education material for kids


This is a Vocational training programme where we provide an opportunity to women who have limited education and resources to earn their living. Through this programme we offer a number of vocational courses for tailoring, embroidery, cooking, baking, jewellery making, beautician, mehandi designing, painting, knitting, Toy making, painting, interior…etc. The skills acquired through this programmes provide women with the ability to seek outside employment or to work from their own homes and provide services outside. We also assist them in selling their products and services by marketing them online and through exhibitions.

Below are the various activities conducted under Vyavasayika programme.

  • Vocational Training Classes: We provide class room and practical sessions on various courses to underprivileged women’s. We make small women groups as per their interest and knowledge and our volunteers conduct specialized trainings sessions. This highly skilled training and craft instructions help these women become independent and earn their living.
  •  Marketing and Selling: We assist these women to promote their products and services to boost their sale. Our volunteers support and arrange for exhibition and trade fair of their products. We also help them advertise their services to the market.
  •  Material Support: Through this we supply material and infrastructure support to women for their business. We help them buy different items that support their trade and to setup their small scale units.

You can join Vyavasayika Programme for any of the initiatives below

  • Volunteer for conducting vocational classes for various courses
  • Volunteer for arranging exhibitions and trade fairs at offices, schools, societies…etc
  • Sponsor an item from Wishlist.