Since the foundation of NIVISHA Foundation, it has evolved various methods for creating sustainable programmes which will have positive long term effects on our target communities.

Our Objectives are:

Women Empowerment

  • To mobilize women into groups and collectives and enhance their capacity building in order to improve their position in society and foster strong female leadership.
  • To strive for eradication and to take every possible step for containment of social evils against women like sexual abuse, injustice in family, inequality, child marriage, dowry, women labour.
  • To establish, run, own, maintain, widow homes and working women hostels for shelter and protection of women and their children in distress.

Education Rights

  • To enhance the livelihood of poor communities by raising awareness and educating these population on law, environment, workers right and financial matters.
  • To establish counseling centers and train counselors in health, hygiene, family matters and conjugal disputes.
  • To work for non-formal education by providing skills development vocational training for job placement of social dropouts.
  • To open, run, manage, own, takeover, maintain, assist and improve play schools, primary school, high school, secondary school, colleges, institutions, universities, hostels be it technical, medical or general.
  • To support or assist the initiative of any individual, group, organization, government to promote education both formal and informal among children, women and adults.
  • To provide concessions, scholarship and assistance to children, women and other needy and deserving people.
  • To conduct and organize seminars, workshops, conferences, meetings, public lectures.

Health and Hygiene

  • To open, manage, run, establish, own and take over, antenatal and postnatal units, mother and children centers.
  • To establish, takeover, run, maintain, assist, improve, extend hospitals, clinics, laboratories, dispensaries, maternity homes, mobile hospitals, medical centers, sanatoriums, health center, medical camp, nutrition centers and other institution for preventive, curative, primary health care and treatment of diseases.
  • To assist the government in implementation of national and local programmes related to health and hygiene, to collect data and work for prevention, cure and eradication of diseases like STD, HIV etc.
  • To organize free eye check up, provide free spectacles and free cataract operation for needy and poor.
  • To work for control and eradication of drug menace, alcoholism through counseling centers.
  • To open, run, manage, own, establish, takeover of blood donation camps on no profit no loss basis.
  • To provide here orthopedic instruments including tricycles hearing aids, to physically, mentally challenged / disabled people.
  • To establish and operate rehabilitation centers in various places of India for handicaps, blinds and suffering from various diseases.


  • To open , run, manage, own, establish, takeover job oriented training centers in cutting & Tailoring, Fashion, Designing, Food Processing, Computer Application, Beauticians, cooking, toy making, Knitting, Embroidery, etc. for ladies in India and abroad.
  • To open, run, establish, manage, own, takeover, maintain, assist, improve vocational training schools / centers in any field general or technical / medical aimed at empowering men / women of weaker section of society to become self reliant, reducing their dependence on others.
  • To work for economic development by enabling communities to be economically viable by organizing self employment scheme, income generating programmes, micro-enterprise development etc.
  • To promote and form women / men self help groups with a common goal of socio-economic sustainable development of rural and slums women / men of the region with opportunity to save, quick access to credit, to enhance confidence and skill.

Special or Direct Interventions

  • To raise, receive subscription, donation from member & local people & to receive funds or grants from the state & central government or from other agencies of our country and abroad either in cash or in kind (movable / immovable) and interest free loans from the public or from banks or other financial institution in views to run the programmes and fulfill the objects of the trust.
  • To see that object of the trust are performed smoothly and regularly.
  • To establish and disseminate in print, in electronic media, on internet etc. literature related to the trust’s objectives.
  • To open, establish, run, manage ‘Free clothes banks’, ‘Free book banks’ etc. from where the needy can take free clothes, school uniforms, stationary, books, household item such as utensils, bed sheets etc. be it new or used as donated by the people.
  • To provide early morning ‘Free breakfast’ to school going children from slums and street children.
  • To open, run, manage, own and establish ‘old age homes’ and ‘day care centers’ for senior citizen with all facilities.
  • To revive and promote the rich tradition of our land in arts & crafts, Indian classical dance and music.
  • To construct low cost building and houses for the poor disadvantaged and those in distress especially in the rural and / or urban slums or wherever found necessary.
  • To establish maintain or support Dharamshala, rest-house convalescing homes, health and immunization camps.
  • To provide assistance for building or maintaining roads, national and state highways, bridges, reservoirs, irrigation tanks, tube wells, recreation centers, parks, playgrounds for children, libraries, museums, art galleries, cultural centers for the benefit of the public and improving their quality of life.
  • To work in the craft sector for welfare of craft persons and development of handicraft and handloom sector.
  • To work for the preservation of unprotected old valuable sculpture and historical places.
  • To celebrates national festivals & great leaders jayanti.
  • To strive for eradication of superstitions and to inculcate scientific outlook among the people at large.

Moral Development

  • To promote national integration, communal harmony, universal brotherhood and global peace.
  • To promote and undertake programme for moral development of youth and children of all communities through yoga, creative art, scout & guide and other legal application means.
  • To promote duty, discipline, service, patriotism among the people through seminars, fairs, lectures etc.
  • To promote development in scientific, non political and social fields.
  • To promote national integration and encourage support and develop social welfare programmes for balanced growth of the nation.
  • To create and promote enlightened public opinion on various issues affected the citizen in India.
  • To work for inter-religious harmony.

Legal Awareness

  • To provide free legal aids to women for their legal understanding of marriage, divorce, child custody, domestic violence and rape, ownership, inheritance and control of asset etc.
  • Provide family counseling including pre-marital and marriage counseling.
  • To create awareness on various social, moral and economic issue affective the country and to direct this awareness in developing innovative means of generating resources – financial material and professional and channelize these resources through people and projects in the fields.
  • To work and create awareness for human right & issues.


  • To tackle issues related environment such as pollution, water, waste management sanitation which has direct effect on health.
  • To provide financial or any other assistance towards relief and rehabilitation of the population affected by calamities like cyclones, earthquakes, epidemics, fire, famine, floods, war, riots etc.
  • To encourage conservation aforestation and protection of the environment including birds, animals and all species of plants and animals.
  • To undertake or assist in undertake projects like digging wells, providing drinking water facilities, fodder for cattle, grains, seeds and fertilizers for farming, agricultural tools etc.

Child Welfare

  • To establish child welfare centers including crèche for children of working women.
  • To establish and run orphanages for poor and helpless children.
  • To have a programme for linking children from poor families with sponsoring families / individuals / corporate to provide them food, clothes, medical care and financial assistance.